Day 9 – Dubrovnik

As we left Ston this morning, we went down to the waterfront and flew the drone to try to get a few shots of the beautiful fortified city. The interesting thing about the city walls is that they go up a hill behind the city. 

Sanja told us about what she called the salt fields of Ston. They are large reservoirs/fields where they let salt water in from the ocean, then close it off and let the water evaporate. The salt is then collected and sold as sea salt. 

In fact, she was so nice as to give us a small bag with a sample in it as a souvenir.

 Today would be our shortest riding day… Only about an hour and a half into the city of Dubrovnik. That would give us enough time to properly explore the city and enjoy most of the day there. After Nikolina checked us into our “apartment“, she told us about a great swimming hole, just the other side of the city walls. It turned out it was only about 100 steps outside of our door.We ducked through a small opening in the walls and the ocean was right there in front of us…so cool!

A viewof our swimming hole from above. If you look near the center of the photograph, there’s a small opening in the wall. That’s where we got through the wall.

There was a small outdoor bar there with some umbrellas, but we wanted to get some swimming in. Over on the left, some people were hanging out in the sun, and then others were jumping into the ocean from along the rocks. We watch them for a few minutes, and then decided we should join in.

There was a big guy there from the US…his name was Jake. Super nice guy and he could do a hell of a cannonball off those rocks. Denise and I got to talk to him for a while. He formally worked for Southwest airlines in their purchasing department, but got tired of a desk job. After saving some money, he decided to travel the world and he’s now almost a year into it. He flies back to the US every so often to spend time with his family but otherwise he’s been everywhere from Japan to Malaysia to Thailand…and now spending time in Croatia!

Jake getting ready to show us his best cannon ball!

After getting cleaned up, we headed through the city to find one of the sets of stairs, climbing to the top of the city walls. It took us about an hour and a half to walk all the way around. The views were stunning!

We got tons of pictures…most of which we will not bore you with…and just enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll.

Dinner was at a Japanese sushi restaurant…which made mama Denise very happy.

After dinner, we spent a little more time, walking the city and just enjoying the sights. 

Tomorrow we ride to Montenegro through Kotor and through Lovcen National Park. We are super excited to explore another country for a day or two!



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