Day 7 – The Island of Hvar

ou’ve heard us mention that we had a couple of days with some rain showers but otherwise the weather has been absolutely amazing. It’s been in the high 70s to low 80s almost every day.…which is perfect motorcycle weather as far as we’re concerned. Right now it looks like the next chance of rain is not for another seven days, 😀which will get us through most of our trip. 

I typically like to get out for a run two or three times a week…always in the morning. Today was the first day that I was finally able to get out to do that. My goal was to run around the old city of Trogir, which has a walking path almost all the way around the island. 

After my first loop around, I had only measured 9/10 of a mile. So…around I went for another loop but this time I ran down the center of the island through some narrow, cobble streets. All was quiet…the only movement were vendors, delivering food to restaurants and stores…and people loading their million dollar yachts to set off for the day.

Ending my run with a swim!
Today would also be a somewhat short day. Our plan was to ride the 45 minutes to Split and take a ferry over to the island of Hvar.

We got to Split a little early so we could poke around the city before setting off. The ferry ride over to Hvar was about two hours long.

One of the many ferries
That gave us a chance to get some rest in the middle of the day which was really nice.

As soon as we were off the ferry…two young cops came over, asking to check our drivers license and motorcycle paperwork. The paperwork was fine, but when they looked at our licenses, they questioned whether our license allowed us to drive large motorcycles. So we were like WHAT? Apparently here in Croatia, there are two different levels of motorcycle license. I’m guessing…one to ride scooters and motorcycles, just slightly larger and then one for large motorcycles like the ones we are riding. 

We eventually convinced him that in the US a motorcycle license/endorsement allows you to ride any size motorcycle. The guys were very pleasant, and we eventually convinced them that our license was proper for our bikes. Yikes! …wasn’t sure if they were going to tell us that we couldn’t ride the bikes anymore! 

The island is about 50 miles long and sparsely inhabited in most places.

The city of Hvar itself though is quite large and really beautiful. Most of it being built on a hillside, leading down to a gorgeous harbor. The town is known as a place that young people come to party. Not us though…maybe 40 years ago! 

We arrived in time to head down to the harbor for a nice swim in the crystal clear Adriatic water.

The main town square of Hvar

Pristine clear Adriatic water

Dales enjoying the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea

The Hvar Marina

The young lady who checked us into our apartment, told us about a great spot to swim not far from an old church. It turned out to be perfect. 

Dinner was at a restaurant, called Maestro, which served seafood that had been landed that day.

Apparently their menu changes every day. The food was amazing…some of the best food we’ve had the whole trip. We walked around a little after just to see more of the town.

Tomorrow…we ride the length of a Hvar Island, and then hop on a short ferry back over to the mainland. Looks like another great day for riding!

Fortica Fortress in Hvar



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