Day 6 – KRKA Waterfall

Today would be a short day of riding… Only about 2 1/2 hours. By early morning we were at the KRKA waterfalls inside the national park. The falls are one of the top attractions for tourists in Croatia so things got a little crowded. 

After buying our tickets, we both picked up a sandwich for the boat ride to the falls. We don’t have any pictures of the boat ride… Lol… Because the sandwiches were so messy to eat, that by the time we were done, we had it all over us. 🤪 However…we agreed that they were probably two of the best sandwiches either of us have had in a long time. 😋

Pictures of the falls speak for themselves.
Even with all the tourists…and a wedding taking place on one of the narrow bridges 🥰…it sure is a beautiful place. We spent a few hours there, taking pictures from different angles, as we climbed up along the falls.

We had the option to take the boat back to where the motorcycles were… About a 25 minute ride. But just to change it up… We decided to walk back, about a 5 km walk. Plus…because we’ve been eating so well, we really needed the exercise. 😂

Home for the night would be a small bed-and-breakfast in the city of Trogir. Trogir is much smaller than the nearby city of Split but we heard good things about it…so we thought we’d stay there instead. Marko…who checked us in…was super nice and very attentive. And…he wasn’t hiding in a closet! 🤪😂

We had a nice walk around the old city and found a decent restaurant with some traditional Croatian food.

They have a good sense of humor

Dinner was delicious 

Tomorrow… We take the ferry out to the island of Hvar. Looks like it’s about a two hour ferry ride with the motorcycles. The weather looks perfect…so we’re looking forward to being out on the water. Looks like perfect weather in the high 70s and no rain! 😃



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