Day 2 – Zagreb, Croatia 🇭🇷 to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia 🇸🇮

Damn, we were tired… We slept straight through till 7 o’clock this morning. We had a fairly long day planned…about 270 km…so we headed down to breakfast at 7:30 and we were out the door by 9 o’clock. But only after few people moved their cars so we could jimmy the bikes out of the corner we had them parked in 😳…we were loaded and on our way.

Traffic was light riding out of Zagreb but lots of intersections and traffic lights.  We were clear of the city in about 45 minutes and the road started to open up a bit. The forecast for today was sunny with temps in the mid 80’s…what a perfect start to ride.  

By late morning we had crossed the border into Slovenia and were in Jelenov Greben…which I believe translates to Jelenov Garden. 

It was an idyllic spot in a small valley. We took a short walk up a path and saw some deer that we could literally walk right up to.  They weren’t fenced in but had obviously become accustomed to humans. 

Waiting for a passenger train to fly by 😳

Lunch just outside of Lake BledAfter a short time exploring the area…we were back on the bikes heading deeper into Slovenia. As we got close to our next stop…traffic started to increase and you could tell it was a popular area. As we arrived at Lake Bled it was as if the sky opened up around us! We parked the bikes and took a path to the lake. We saw a young couple, filming themselves as they dove into the lake. We stopped to talk… And it turns out they were from Colorado. After watching them and a few others swimming in the lake… I had to run back for my swimsuit. I found a spot in the brush near the lake to change up and almost fell in a few times 😂.

I expected the lake water to be cool, but it was actually very comfortable. An hour or so later, our next stop would be Kranjska Gora…. A ski town in a high valley between the peaks. There was also a beautiful lake with people swimming, but after feeling the water it was much colder than Lake bled.

Rather than a cold swim…we found a concession near the head of the lake. Denise had some kind of iced coffee with a bunch of ice cream piled on top… Not what she expected… But she enjoyed it none the less! I had a nice cold, dark beer of some kind.  

Afterwards…We found a nice B&B just a few miles away.

Brezov Gaj  B&B
Angé checked us in and after a quick shower, we wandered into town for some food. We found a great spot on a corner that had pizza and some local food. 

We were at about 2500 foot elevation so things started to cool down as we headed back to our room. What a great ending to a perfect day! 

 The view of  Kranjska Gora from our room

Tomorrow we ride south through Vintgar gorge. Looks like perfect weather…can’t wait!



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