Day 15 – Inching up the coast to Zadar

The weather inland is still terrible with lots of rain. However, the coast is actually staying quite nice. So today we made our way north to Zadar. We have been there before, but only for one night (remember Ivan) so we knew there would be more to see.

The ride there was really beautiful following the coast through all the small villages. One of the villages, called Primošten, was especially beautiful.

We took a turn into town down along the beach, and hung out for awhile before moving on. An hour later… It was time for lunch. We got lucky… We found this really cool place that was roasting pigs and lambs on a giant spit. Denise and I each had the pork plate and the food was awesome. Now we need to have a light meal for dinner.😳

We already had an apartment picked out in the old city, close to the one we had the last time we were here. This time however, Susana, the host, met us at the apartment right on time. The place was gorgeous, the biggest apartment we’ve had yet. We almost couldn’t believe it was only €100 for the night. Here’s a link to the video…

Our apartment in Zadar

I went out for a run and circled the old town two or three times along the water. There were lots of people out, so it took a little effort to get around everyone, but it was a really enjoyable run with beautiful scenery all around. Dinner was at an Italian restaurant.

They had great pizza and Denise’s lasagna was probably the best we’ve ever had. After dinner, we took a nice walk through the old town to the far end of the peninsula. 

During my afternoon run, I had seen a circular display that appeared to be solar panels sunk into the concrete surface , so people could actually walk on them. It was cool to see in the daytime, but when we arrived there at night, it was really special. It’s called “Greeting to the Sun“ Here’s a short video of it…just amazing!

Greeting to the Sun 

Just a few steps away, was something called the “Sea Organ”. It consisted of underground tubes that emitted sound up through the concrete of the boardwalk. It was somehow controlled by the waves hitting the boardwalk. Turn your volume up all the way to hear it…

The Sea Organ

Tonight is our last night on the Adriatic coast. We are starting to feel a little melancholy about the trip coming to an end. But…at the same time, we’re looking forward to being back home. 

Church of St. Donatus

We have been inching closer to Zagreb, the capital city that we started in. But tomorrow, we need to cross the Velebit Mountains…part of the Dinaric Alps, on our way to Zagreb. We will have to make a run for it even though the weather forecast in the mountains is calling for temps in the low 50’s with high winds and rain. 😫 



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