Day 14 – Waiting out the rain in Split

Like I said yesterday, they are forecasting heavy rains and flash flooding in the area of Plitvice National Park here in Croatia.

We originally planned to spend a couple of days there, but decided that we would head back to the coast where the weather is forecasted to be slightly better. Also… if we’re stuck in one place because of heavy rain, we’re best off in a city where we can just walk to everything.

When we woke up this morning, there was a light rain falling, and the forecast was for heavy rains all day. At that point, we decided to stay put here in Split for another day. I tried to get out for a run around 9 o’clock but the skies opened up just as I got out there. 😫

Our apartment wasn’t available for tonight, but we were able to find another one nearby.

Our Apartment 

We made plans for a walking tour of the city at 1 o’clock. 

Our guide Jakov on the right

At the beginning of the tour there was a break in the rain, but a half hour later it started to pour. The tour continued, so I ducked into a small shop and bought two ponchos, to get us through . 

The tour focused on Diocletian’s palace in the center of the old city of Split. Or guide Jakov, grew-up in the area and went to university to become a school teacher. He taught history for about five years and then decided to give the tour guide gig a try. He said he’s on his fourth year now and really loves what he’s doing. He was great to have as a guide, and you could tell that he really loved the city of Split.

Gregory of Nin

The Golden gate entrance

After the tour, we went to get settled into our new apartment and took it easy the rest of the afternoon. It was nice to get a little rest and do some reading.

We’d had a late lunch and so were looking for something light for dinner. We found a great shop away from the tourist areas that had veggie bowls on the menu. Dinner was great and we walked the city for awhile afterwards.

Fresh Greens restaurant food

Still not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. We’ll see what the weather looks like in the morning. 🙏🏼 



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